Search Within Playlist Not Working (WP7)

Search Within Playlist Not Working (WP7)

My playlist works just fine but when I go to search for a specific song it doesn't play the song that I searched for but rather the song on the underlay. So for example, instead of playing the third song in the list of searched songs, it plays the third song in my playlist. I think it's not reading the overlay, is there any way to fix this? Thanks!

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I've got the same problem.  Tried to restart phone, reinstall Spotify app and redownload all the playlists to no avail.  It also turns off the shuffle and loop fuctions everytime I play a new song.  Seems to be a problem with all playlists as I've checked multiple playlists with varying amount of songs and its the same error.

It didn't do this with my iPhone but now I have Samsung so I wonder if that's why.


I'm on a OnePlus 3t but I've had it for almost a year now. The problem only
started last week for me.

same problem. started about a week ago after an update. please fix

The new update fixed this issue

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