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Send podcast to other device doesn't work for some podcasts

Send podcast to other device doesn't work for some podcasts







Windows 10, Pixel 2xl, Ipod

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Some podcasts refuse to be played on my home spotify compatible devices. I have tested both Bluesound, Sonos and chromecast. The list of devices show up with greyed out devices stating "Can't play this right now". Using AirPlay from spotify works.

Here's a podcast that I have this problem with:

While this works fine:


I have tries both Android phone, Windows 10 pc and IPod, all with the same result.


Any suggestions?


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in addition to the above, I get the same results in my Tesla.  Quite disappointing when I want to listen to my favorite podcasts on the road. 

According to NRK (in Norwegian: the reason for their podcast not working through Spotify connect is that their podcasts are made available on Spotify through RSS or "passthrough". And passthrough is not supported by Spotify connect.


I don't know if this applies to the other podcasts, like those from BBC. But it sounds like a different issue than podcasts being classified as mixed-media.


Maybe Spotify have a preference for getting the content stored at Spotify instead of made available as passthrough. And therefore a low interest in making Spotify connect to support passthrough. 🤔

If you use devices that support airplay (ex Mac and Sonos) you can at least use that instead. 

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