Setting a device password

Setting a device password


I'm experiencing some issues in setting a device password for my account.

A few years back I coupled my FB login to my Spotify account, which works on most devices. However, now I have a Onkyo amplifier, with integrated Spotify support. But to make this work, I need a device password, as the FB authentication doesn't work (tried that one).


I have followed the steps in setting a device password, and I receive a mail to set a password. But when I try to set a password I get the following error: 

"Er was een probleem bij het instellen van je wachtwoord."

"There was a problem in setting your device password"


No additional information... I've tried a lot of different passwords, with various complexities, nothing works...


Some solutions on the community suggested to generate a password via Facebook. I cannot find this option anywhere on the FB website. What I did notice though, is that I seem to have two account numbers associated to my Spotify account. Looking at the details of my account with Spotify which Facebook have registered under my account, it shows me a different account number than when I am logged in in Spotify...


I have one which starts with 1156XXXXXX (shows on FB) and 1119XXXXXX (for which I received the mail to set my Device Password).


Any wizzards here who know the answer?

Kind regards

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Thanks for posting 🙂


It's really easy to set up a device password within Facebook. Just follow these steps:


1.    Head to
2.    Select Security.
3.    Select App Passwords
4.    Click Generate App Password
5.    Enter your current Facebook password and click Submit.
6.    Enter Spotify, and Facebook will automatically generate a password for you. You can use this with your Facebook email address to log in to Spotify on any device. 


Let me know if you have further questions.





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