Shared Playlists Links Broken / "Whoops!" Error


Shared Playlists Links Broken / "Whoops!" Error

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My shared playlists (collaborative or not) are all producing errors when opened by pasting into a browser URL box, or by clicking the link in an email or Google Doc. My readers are trying to open my playlist links and they're all producing the web error: "Something went wrong, please try again later." This has been happening for at least 24 hours. The playlists I'm referencing were created a week ago and even right now. I'm getting the same error when I try to open my links in a web browser (tried Chrome, Opera). 


Here's an example malfunctioning link:

(But oddly, from this Spotify Forum link, it gives the option to open with the Spotify App, which does not happen when the links are merely pasted into the browser, or opened from a Google Doc page on a Macbook Pro. Thus, this link is NOT indicative of the functionality of the problem when clicked in this forum).


Interestingly, the links function on my iPhone 6 running iOS 11.4.1, but not on my Macbook Pro, nor those laptops of my readers. I have not been able to test on Windows devices yet.


Spotify Premium



Problematic Device:

Macbook Pro Late 2009

Operating System

Mac OSX 10.11.6 

Browsers: Chrome, Safari, Opera


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Hey @SustainedNote.


Thanks for getting in touch!


There is two ways to copy a link to your playlist. You can share a URI and a link. Try both methods and see which behavior works best for you.


Keep in mind that your playlist is currently empty. Perhaps you could try to fill it with content first to see if that helps.


Hope it works! Let us know if it doesn't and we'll help you further.


Have a nice day.