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Sharing Your Top Songs 2021

Sharing Your Top Songs 2021

Hi everyone,
We know many of you want to share Your Top Songs 2021 playlist with others and would like to help out on the matter.
This year, the playlist is personalized, so everyone will see their own tracks when following a link to the playlist. This changes things compared to what you might be used to in past years, but don't fret - there're still ways to share your top tracks with others and even compare your listening stats!
For example, you can get a cool story just like Wrapped that will compare the genres you listen to and your top artists, similar to the one below.
To get yours, follow these steps:
  • On mobile, tap Search and scroll a bit down until you see our 2021 Wrapped category
  • Tap it and scroll down until you see 2021 Wrapped: Blend
  • Tap on Create a Blend
  • Tap on Invite and you'll get a link to share with a friend.
  • Once they click your link and accept the invite a Blend playlist will be created in your library.
The Blend playlist will have most of both of your top songs and you'll be able to see who they belong to. Tap on the moving Story icon with the two circles on the top left to get your 2021 Wrapped Blend story and stats.
We understand that this might not be exactly what you're looking for however, so if you instead just want to share your top 100 songs, there's an easy way to go about this.
For PC/Mac and iOS:
  1. Open Your Top Songs 2021 playlist on your PC/Mac
  2. Press Ctrl/Cmd+A to select all 100 songs in it
  3. Right click > Add to playlist > Add to new playlist
  4. You can share this new playlist as you're used to by choosing the Share option. Once the playlist is created on your PC/Mac, sharing it can be done on your iOS device as well.
For Android:
  1. Open your Top Songs 2021 playlist
  2. Tap on the three-dots icon next to the 💚 and download icons to open the playlist menu
  3. Select "Add to other playlist" > New Playlist
  4. This will add all 100 songs to the new playlist, that you can now share again as usual.
We hope this helps everyone who wants to share and compare their tunes!
Kiril Moderator
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121 Replies


When I share my 2021 wrapped playlist with a friend, it just sends a link to their own wrapped playlist instead of us being able to see each other’s playlists.







Operating System



My Question or Issue



yup i have the same issue, i think it’s because they formed it like how they did when you try to share your “mix” playlists. they need to fix this because my friends and i always share each other’s spotify wrapped and we’re not about to be held back for this year. i like listening to my friend’s playlist and even finding other people’s. FIX ITTTTT







iPhone 12

Operating System

iOS 15


My Question or Issue


I generated my Top 100 playlist for 2021 and tried to send it to my friend using the share option but the link just opened her own Top 100 playlist. Same thing happened to me when I tried to open hers. 


In previous years you were able to send your top 100 to other users - are we not allowed to do this anymore or is there another way to do it? I love getting the playlists from my friends and finding new music


I have an iPhone but some friends I tried it with have Android device so its not platform specific



yep same thing happening to me! love sharing/getting the playlists from my friends so hopefully they fix soon


^^^ yes!!! please fix!!!


^^^this is a fail, please fix!!!


I’m having similar issues and I think it’s just a bug on their side. Please fix this soon so I can share with my bestie properly


fix asap 


Yeah, my favorite thing about wrapped is being able to swap playlists with friends. I had to build one manually to share which is way too much of a time suck. 


Same here 😞 


Yup, same issue. The links just link back to your own, and when shared in e.g. Slack every one sees the same preview of some random person's playlist. Very annoying.


The shared links always go back to my own top music playlists and we love to share them. Please fix this!! 


Many of my coworkers are eagerly awaiting a fix so we can share via Slack. Please fix asap. 


Please fix! My friend was able to add all of his songs to a new list and share by selecting "Add to other playlist" but this option doesn't even appear for me on the dropdown. Please fix.


 Yes!  Please fix this bug!  Excited to share with all my people.

I am unable to share my top 100 2021 wrapped song playlist to other users. They are unable to send their top 100 to me as well. When I click open the link they share, it opens my own top 100 playlist but I want to see theirs. This is one of best features of the year end wrapped and its missing !  Is there any way around this? Why was this removed in 2021?


This is a major issue !! Was previously the best feature of the year end wrapped!

plz fix this plz


Same issue!!! 😭

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