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Shuffle on Boxee Box (1st gen)

Shuffle on Boxee Box (1st gen)

I have two 1st gen Boxee Boxes (the cool pyramid shaped ones) in my home and for some reason it appears the Spotify app on them is no longer honoring the suffle setting when playing a playlist.

Can anyone confirm for me that:

  1. The small button at the top of the screen when playing should be set to show the crossed pattern to be on shuffle (not showing the two parallel lines for shuffle).
  2. If the answer to 1. is that the crossed icon should be showing to be set to shuffle, can anyone confirm that it's the app that is not shuffling and not my particular setup.
  3. And finally, assuming 1. is true is Spotify aware of the issue and can it/will it be fixed anytime soon?
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Okay, answered my own question. I set the button on the top to the parallel line icon and now it appears to be shuffling. I did this before and it must have been a fluke that it shuffled to the next song in the playlist because it did not work before. So there you go if anyone else has the same issue.


In the UI, the pictured icon would be the mode you would switch to if you clicked it.

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