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Shuffle working weird

Shuffle working weird

Hey, so the problem is that whenever I use shuffle in spotify, it works, but I can only listen to the songs I haven't listened to for a long time in order to listen to the ones I played in recent days. For example I played an album over and over, and then I played a playlist that has a couple of songs from the album I just played, and when I play the shuffled playlist, it shuffles the songs from the album to the end of a queue. How is it random? Let me know if there is an option to make shuffling more randmoized, it really troubles me, I just want to listen to ALL my saved music not only to the ones that I haven't heard for a longer time.

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I don't have the issue of shuffle not playing songs I haven't heard in a while - my problem is it won't play some of the more recently added songs in my playlists. While our issues with shuffle are slightly different, I suspect the root problem might be related. 


I’ve got several playlists of over 200 songs. However, whenever I select shuffle play, the play next queue is heavily populated with the first 50 or so songs of the playlist - which also happens to be songs I added months and months ago. 


As a result, I constantly hear the same songs every time I play the playlist. I rarely get to hear songs added after the first 100 – and practically never hear songs added recently.



Based upon what you've described and my own experience, it sounds like spotify adds more weight to songs the longer they've been in the playlist. I don't know what the logic would be for that and not sure if that's true - but that seems to be the result. 


The only way I get a true shuffle and hear more recently added songs is if I manually add them into the queue - which makes for a ridiculously frustrating user experience..


Hey Spotify, what's the deal with your shuffle???? Please fix!

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