Skillet's Comatose Album no longer available

Skillet's Comatose Album no longer available

I have a few songs saved from the album Comatose but i can no longer play them and when I go to the album everything is gray and you can't play any of the songs. Comatose Comes Alive is available but it sucks. Please Help! Is it something I did/changed?

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Missing or unavailable music is almost always a decision by the artist/label to withdraw the content from Spotify. Sometimes it's temporarily unavailable while they sort out legal issues or correct metadata, in which case it'll be back up as soon as they resubmit it to Spotify.

While it might be a good idea to contact the label directly and ask why the music isn't on Spotify, you can also fill out this form to let Spotify staff know of your interest.

This just sucks...  Comatose is my favorite Skillet album..  People want it back!  We don't want this Comatose Live crap. Why isn't it on anymore? If its for no reason put it back on, customers will be more satisfied with Spotify.

Has there been any progress with bringing Comatose back to Spotify? Everytime I listen to Skillet, I am very unhappy that Comatose isn't available on Spotify.

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