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So bad it hurts

So bad it hurts

It's not me who need help, Spotify developers, it's you. I took time just to tell you what I think about your app because I can hardly remember when something so promising disappointed me so much. Just in case you didn't noticed, the app is plain rubbish. Not sure what it is but definitely not a music player. Someone reinventing a wheel? Almost no control over a queue (Not even a way to empty it (!) even though it’s getting corrupted. A lot.), sluggish, often hanging or remain playing even after closing, ignoring external control like hands-free, quite often just stops playing in a middle of a song and if you check the phone it is just paused for no reason. But you know what’s the worst by far? There’s a zero chance to use it as a music library. There’s no organization, even the most basic players have Artist>Album hierarchy. Not here, all your music is on one huge list so you can hardly browse it and choose what you want to listen, right? Albums can be saved, but interpreters only “followed”. And the list of music is NOT the main screen, oh no, sir. It’s dug down in the sluggish awkward interface of the app so it always takes a while to even to get to that crazy long list of all your saved music. I have no idea how you planed the app should be used but I don’t even want to know anymore. And, you know what? That's just the mobile version, with a desktop one I could start all over again. Where is some import of titles (I have no idea why I should import actual files) I have in another library, for example? I was waiting almost a year for the app to be put in shape (formerly iOS, now WP) and my patience is over. Say good bye to my subscription, I’m going somewhere else, it seems even own music on OneDrive will be a better solution.

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