[Social] Recover messages and songs that were in inbox


[Social] Recover messages and songs that were in inbox


I didn't realize Spotify was going to stop the inbox feature. I had lots of great songs in my inbox that friends had sent me over the years. Is there any way to view or recover the messages in any way so I can at least create a playlist or write the songs down? I lot of them had sentimental value for me!

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Casual Listener

I too have encountered this problem. A freidn has been given an "Inbox" playlist with all of the song they sent and recieved. However, I have not. Nor, I take it, have you. We ought to be at the very least told how to get this ourselves.


Without announcing that the inbox would be removed through the app, we had no way to know we should be backing up this information -- many of us had years of very personal, very important music stored only in our inbox. I hope it is possible to retrieve this information.


This is extremely frustrating! My friend magically had an Inbox playlist appear in his playlists with all the songs I'd sent him. I've gotten nothing like that. Please, Spotify, tell us how we can recover these songs.