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Solarfall - Immortal track weird quality

Solarfall - Immortal track weird quality

spotify:track:1cz778pbazfBkgseZAPno7 This track from Immortal on At the heart of winter is wrong - or at least in weird quality. it doesn't sound like on the album itslef. It feels like phone recorded live. Anybody else have the issue?

2 Replies

Hi Ghostonex!
I was curious to see what you were referring to and played the track over my phone data connection using the highest quality Spotify streams at.
The audio does seem to be a little grainy and low grade in quality, but I do not believe isolated to Spotify. I decided to test compare it to 4 other versions that stream on YouTube (ones in HQ as well) and they all sounded the same - if not worse.
This is likely due to the digital file itself and not a particular service or your connection.
Unfortunately, there is not any solution for this that I know of but wanted to confirm it's not just you. 🙂 

Hi, thanks. I forgot to mention that it is only on my desktop version of spotify. I tried to uninstall the app from my pc then install it back and it always does it. I also tried to fiddle with the PC's sound setup but unfortunately it's still the same only on this song. I mean it's no biggie it's just very weird and I was curious if it's just me or anyone else has this issue. I will try to record what it looks like when I play the song. 

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