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Some Christmas radio stations stopped working on all platforms!

Some Christmas radio stations stopped working on all platforms!

Hi guys


Over a week ago my account suddenly became unable to play certain Christmas Radio stations. Specifically, the ones I have actually listened to in the past:


Modern Pop Christmas
Oldies Pop Christmas
80s Christmas
90s Christmas


The exact error message depends on the platform I'm trying to play the songs on

In the Windows Desktop app, I get a spinning progress indicator for a few seconds, then "This radio station cannot be started. Please try playing something else."Win_desktop.PNG


In the Android app, it says "Radio station error. We can't load this radio station right now. Please try later."


It's worth noting that all the Christmas stations which I HAVEN'T played up 'till now are all working (i.e. Hip Hop Christmas, R&B Christmas) work . . .


Steps I've taken:
-sign out of Android app and delete all cached data
-delete Android app
-re-install Android app
-fresh first-time install of Windows Desktop app


Can someone please deliver a Christmas miracle for me?? I'd really like to get this going to have a rotation of Christmas music in my house!!

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