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Some pieces are missing from a classical album, is it intentional?

Some pieces are missing from a classical album, is it intentional?

I am evaluating switching from a competing music service and trying to find my collection music in spotify, I have been fairly happy with the catalogue but one of my top favorite albums is missing the vast majority of the tracks which is a fairly big stumbling block for me, see


which is Helmut Walcha's Bach's Archiv 1960s recordings organ works set (the 1950s recording set is available with nothing greyed out, same label as far as I know).


Here in Canada the vast majority of the tracks on this CD set are greyed out with no play button, this seems strange as it's not pop music, I mean, why would you have the Triosonata 1 available but not 2-5? Is it maybe a metadata problem? Is there a way to get this investigated?


P.S. I am also hoping this is the right place to ask this, as I am still very new to spotify

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Spotify adds all music available to them. Unfortunately, sometimes the artist/label don’t want certain tracks/album on spotify, which is why they can’t be found.




You can read more about missing music in the music FAQ.
Take particular note of the fifth point.

I have read the FAQ, however I was wondering if there was a procedure to get somebody to actually look into this on a case-by-case basis: I went this route with my current service twice, once it was intentional (meaning the label did not want the songs to be available) and once it wasn't (meaning there was an issue with the metadata, that was corrected within a few weeks).

If this was a pop album I wouldn't raise the question at all, knowing fully well how pop music appears and disappears from online services on a regular basis depending on licensing, but it being a classical album it made me wonder if there is something else going on.

If there is no actual accepted procedure to get somebody to take a look into this kind of issue it's fine, I will take that into account in my decision to switch or not.


(edit) the FAQ does list a form one can use to request particular albums not available, but this does not seem to apply here as the album does exist already, it's just some tracks that are missing.

Hi @swimwithturtles,


I'd recommend contacting the record label. They might are able to give you this information. 

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I honestly wouldn't know the first thing about contacting a label about something like this (this is Deutsche Grammophon / Archiv, it's a huge label), I would think that there ought to be a procedure for spotify folks to check with the label in these cases.

Note that this same album is fully available here in Canada in my current service, hence my wondering if it is intentional.

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