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Some songs not playing, even though they're not grayed out.

Some songs not playing, even though they're not grayed out.





Operating System

Andriod Oreo, Windows 10


My Question or Issue

I tried listening to some Tyler the Creator but it wont play even though its not grayed out, I cross checked on my girlfriend's phone and it plays just fine.  I tried on both my phone and windows computer and still no dice. When I try playing it on my computer I get a message saying "Spotify cant play this right now".  Tyler the Creator is the only artist i've experienced this issue with. Any Ideas?





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Hey @MoreYuhs! Welcome to the Spotify Community. ^^


That doesn't look cool.

Have you tried reinstalling your app? If not here's a step by step tutorial.

Let me know how it goes! ^^





Just tried reinstalling, still have the same issue unfortunatly 



That's weird.

Are you getting any error messages at all while trying to play it on the phone?

And be sure that both of your apps are up to date with the latest version. 




Yeah both apps are up to date but an error message on my phone, like I do on desktop



Could you try to go to your Settings and toggle off 'Show unavailable songs in Playlists" to see if the tracks still appear for you. 


Let me know how it goes! ^^


that setting was already toggled off unfortunatley 



I've escalated your issue to the support.

I will reply on this thread with help soon. ^^



Hey @MoreYuhs!


This looks like an account related issue. I'd recommend you to create an new account.


But don't worry, if you make sure that your music collection is stored in public playlists, you can take all of your music/playlists with you. You’ll be able to visit your old account by putting the following string in the search bar:  spotify:user:username


Be sure to replace username with your own username. Oh and by the way, If you want to use the same email address for your new account, you'll have to close your old account. You'll have 7 days to visit your old account and find your music there. And be sure to cancel your subscription on your old account, in case you have a Premium account.



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