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Something amazing I just noticed...

Something amazing I just noticed...

Sometimes when I'm not listening to albums I'll put it on the shuffle and I like to add in a cross-fade (about 5 sec) on it and it make a listening session pretty enjoyable when you get those two songs that fade perfectly into each other... ANYWAYS


that's not what I'm here to talk about. I like to use the song queue and play random songs. Well, if you know albums like I know albums well you know that there are certain songs that cannot be played without the previous song or the following song, so when I was choosing songs for the queue, I would avoid those songs that needed an accompanying song BECAUSE OF THE CROSS FADE.


Well one night I decided to just say forget it and play some Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon in my shuffle and wouldn't ya know it... hills be shaken... i was clutching the pearls... the album songs would flow perfectly without the crossfade!!! and the non-album songs would still have the cross fade without me making an adjustment!!! 


that was awesome thanks. I know this isn't an idea or whatever but I couldn't find anywhere else to post it! 


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I noticed this too, amazing!

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