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Songs Greyed Out on iPhone, not on Desktop

Songs Greyed Out on iPhone, not on Desktop




United Kingdom


iPhone 8

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iOS 11


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I have several playlists in my account, and in the past couple of days I have noticed that almost half of the songs in my largest playlist have become unplayable. However, all of these songs are still playable on the desktop app. What is the reason for this? 

I have tried uninstalling the Spotify app from my iPhone 8 and this only temporarily fixes the issue. Pretty sure this isn't a licencing issue either, because the songs that have become unplayable are incredibly random.

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Hey @Azzawon,


Are these songs local files? If so, we suggest that you resync them by connecting your devices to the same Wifi and downloading the missing songs to your phone. 


Also make sure you're not using any VPN connection as that might interfere. 


If nothing works, try a quick reinstall on both your devices and see if that helps. 


Let us know how it goes, and send screenshots 🙂






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