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Songs by The Police aren't available

Songs by The Police aren't available





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For some reason, even though I have a premium account, I can't play any songs by The Police. The Artist page and their albums show up in searches, and they're not greyed out. But when I click on any song in the Desktop app or the Web Player, I get a "this song is not available" message.

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Hey @sparkthatbled.


Just to confirm, do you have their music saved on your desktop as local files? If so, try disabling them before trying again.


In case you don't have these songs or albums as local files, make sure your sound drivers are up to date.


As a last resource, you can try reinstalling the Spotify app to see if it helps.




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I don't own any music by The Police, let alone have their music on my
desktop as local files.

And I know it's not a problem with the sound drivers, because music by just
about every other artist available can be played.

And I'm not sure reinstalling the app would work, because even the Web
Player won't play their music.

Maybe just a temporary problem? I can listen to them in the web player right now:


There is no band picture on that page though. Which country are you in? I'm in Germany.

I still get the error in the web player. Every image seems to show up fine,
it's just that the songs won't play.

I live in England, in the UK.

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