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Songs in a playlist are causing the song's album to show up in album view!

Songs in a playlist are causing the song's album to show up in album view!

So I've always organised by Spotify collection by adding individual tracks to a playlist that I call "Tunes". This playlist is downloaded to my phone so I can listen to it in the car without an internet connection.


Recently, I've become interested in metal music and have downloaded some full metal albums in Spotify.


However, when I go to view my album collection within Spotify, it displays every album of the individual playlist tracks along with my full downloaded albums! There are hundreds of albums in my album view, most with just one song that I actually listen to! How can I only view full albums in my library? The problem is happening on both desktop and mobile. I wish to keep the playlist intact, and the tracks for both the playlist and metal albums downloaded on my phone - the only filter option is to sort by downloaded only.

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UPDATE: I forgot to mention that I had added these songs to my library as well as the playlist. However, the issue is still valid as I have only added the songs and not the albums containing the songs. I'm still seeing the albums in my album view which is unexpected behaviour. My album view should only show whole albums that I have added to my library.

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