Songs keep disappearing from my playlist

Songs keep disappearing from my playlist

Plan: Premium

Devices: Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, and Laptop

Operating Systems: Android, and Windows 10


My Issue: 

I have a playlist where all the songs in it keep disappearing over and over again. This keeps happening to the same playlist. Almost 4 times so far. I don't know why is this happening. The songs just disappear from my playlist. I have other playlists but this keeps happening to the same playlist over and over again. 


Can someone help me with this? 

How can I restore my songs, not the playlist?

The playlist was not deleted but the songs in it disappeared!!!

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Hey @Hamood9232, help's here.


Can you make sure to enable the "Show unavailable songs in playlists" option in your app settings? Do the songs appear after that? 


If not, there's a possibility that your account is being used somewhere else. We suggest that you go through this help article. Make sure to go through all the steps provided there. 


Hope that helps 🙂


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