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Songs keep skipping by themselves. HELP.


Songs keep skipping by themselves. HELP.

I'm using a free plan and using a HP pavilion Chromebook on Chrome OS 65. 

I cannot download the actual spotify player because im on Chromebook so i use the web player a lot but recently whenever a start a song, it skips after 2 second, then again and for every song. It just keeps skipping after a couple seconds. 

I've went through a lot of threads but they were all from around 2014 so i created a new one, if there is a new answer.


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Here is what you do, go onto the spotify app on your chromebook and click on the 3 dots on the right hand corner, then click on app info. Once you do that, click allow protected content. and then refresh the app. Now it should be working! If youre on the web player on chrome browser then just press on the lock symbol on the left hand side of the url on top, then allow protected content right there. Refresh. Now it should be working for you too!

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I was having the same issue. I made sure i allowed for higher content playback, but most importantly i updated to the latest version of chrome.


I think spotify only works properly on the latest version of chrome because of some security something. 


hopefully this helps someone.


click on clock/ battery > settings (gear icon) > about chrome os > click update

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Hey there @vybz


Thanks for reaching out to the Community about this. 


If the Spotify web player keeps on skipping through songs once you start playing, check if the same happens when you use it in a private/incognito window. This will make sure you avoid any issues with the browser's cache. If that doesn't do the trick try a different browser as well.


If your Chromebook is Google Play Store Enabled, you can download the Android version of the Spotify app from the Google Play Store. When using the Spotify app on your Chromebook you'll be able to download music for offline listening. 


Keep us posted! We'll be here if you have any questions. 

ive tried everything, but my spotify still skips songs automatically and doesn't let me listen to music for longer than 2 seconds. every time i try to click on a song to play it starts skipping the song and gets stuck on one song.

the same thing keeps happening to me it is very annoying

I am having this problem too and I've tried everything to fix it and it's still not working

did this also start yesterday for you?


Im on a school chromebook, i use the web player. This keeps happening, please fix this spotify.

Hey there folks,


Thank you for reaching out.


Can you confirm if you have tried downloading the app from the Google play Store on your Chromebook devices and if that works better for you?


Also - have you tried playing music in a private/incognito window?


Keep us posted. We'll have an eye out for your reply.



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Hey, my administrator disabled the use of incognito tabs and windows, and downloading the app from the Google Play Store didn't help me. Is there anything else that can be done?

I have done both of these things & nothing is working. Is there anything else I can do?

This is happening to me as well. Downloading apps on my chromebook has been restricted by administrator, and incognito was not working. Is there anything else I can do?

Edit: I should add that I've tried clearing my cookies, using different accounts, and restarting the computer in general. I'm using a Google Chrome OS Version 86.0.4240.68 with Linux.

I'm having the same problem now; it only started today, and nothing's fixed it yet.

i have no download perms and yes it happend yesterday and i TRIED an incognito window


Hello everyone!

I'm having the same problem as well. The issue occurs only when the web version of Spotify is used (or when you control the web version using the Spotify smartphone app). Trying Incognito gives nothing, so the problem persists.


Please, Spotify, fix the thing! Thank you!


P.S.: I'm a Premium user.

I am having the same issue, I have the app and it does the same thing although for me it skips a few songs then plays one to 9 seconds then stops.

Let me know when this bug is fixed

I turned off my adblocker, no luck. I tried going incognito, that didn't work. I tried clearing my cache then I cleared my cookies, those didn't work. I couldn't download the app because it's incompatible with my chromebook. The app works fine on my phone, and the web player used to work fine on my chromebook, as I was using it around week ago. Now it skips songs after 2 seconds, even if I pause the song it still skips it, but it plays ads all the way through. Hope this info helps.

EDIT: I'm using a Samsung xe303c12-a01us Chromebook with some version of ChromiumOS (ChromeOS) derived from Linux? and I have developer mode enabled and Ubuntu installed.

Same here.


This started yesterday for me too. I tried using an incognito browser and using the downloadable Spotify web player but it keeps doing it. My Chromebook doesn't support Android apps so I can't try using the app.

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