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Songs keep skipping by themselves. HELP.


Songs keep skipping by themselves. HELP.

I'm using a free plan and using a HP pavilion Chromebook on Chrome OS 65. 

I cannot download the actual spotify player because im on Chromebook so i use the web player a lot but recently whenever a start a song, it skips after 2 second, then again and for every song. It just keeps skipping after a couple seconds. 

I've went through a lot of threads but they were all from around 2014 so i created a new one, if there is a new answer.

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it popped up on the web player, but for some reason it seems to be
woring now? I did'nt do anything it just started working?

just started working now!!


do you have flash turned on
if not log out or shut down your computer then open web player and it should show stuff

It's fixed! Thank you guys!!!

It working now!! Thank you, Spotify!

Okay let me know if this doesn't work

I have the same problem - premium user, using Spotify on an accessible, Chromium based, browser. Strated to me (and all the people that I know that use this same browser), a few days ago

Two additional quick comments - 

1. I tried the suggestions on this thread and it diodn't solve the problem for me.

2. When skipping, the error that is returned is - 403. This is hapenning 5 times. After that Spotify starts playing the 6th song, and after another 9.5 sec it stops (it shows as if it continues to play, but it doesn't). 

I'll appriciate a response from Spotify.

Hello @Red203,


Thanks for reaching out about this here in the Community!


If you're still experiencing the issue after clearing browser cache and cookies and logging out and back in we'd suggest going through the following steps:

  • Try using another account to see if that makes a difference.
  • Try a different network connection (if possible).
  • If you're using a VPN, try disabling it and connect to a regular home network instead.
  • Temporarily disable any antivirus or ad-blocking software, and turn off Proxy if in use.

If none of the above helps, just let us know and we’ll see if we can think up some other things to try.

Keep us posted - We’ll be right here if you still need help!

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It seems to be fixed.

I'm still having this issue. It only seems to happen on Chromium-based browsers, which would also make sense as to why it was occurring on Chromebooks. I'm using raw chromium. It also started happening on the same day as everyone else; October 5th.

For me it didn't solve the problem as well


Also - I've tested it on another Chromium based accessible browser, and it is the same. It is something that was done on the Spotify side around October 5th

Hey there @Red203 and @Azelphuren,


Thanks for keeping us in the loop!


Our tech teams are currently looking into this - you can find out more info here.


Keep in mind that they've done some of their magic backstage so it should be resolved like @Elharp6520 shared.


However, if you're still having troubles, make sure to share your details in the Ongoing Issue thread so we can pass them along.


Hope this is helpful! Have a lovely day 🙂

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Hi, I'm still having the issue. As @Red203 mentioned, I'm getting four failed POST requests, with error 403. Three out of four seems referring to "widevine-license", but it's strange, since my browser can play DRM content with widevine without issues. 

Leaving a screenshot here, may be useful.



Same thing on my computer - the problem persists 

spotify gone crasy 2020-10-19 15_04_46-Spotify — Открытия недели - Vivaldi.png

Still not fixed for me, too

Hey there folks,


Thank you for your posts.


We're sorry to hear you're still having trouble with with. We can confirm that this ongoing issue should now be fixed, so your issue might be caused by something else.


Make sure to take a look at the supported browsers listed here. If you've checked that would you mind letting us know what troubleshooting steps you've done?


We'll have an eye out for your reply 🙂



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