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Songs keep skipping by themselves. HELP.


Songs keep skipping by themselves. HELP.

I'm using a free plan and using a HP pavilion Chromebook on Chrome OS 65. 

I cannot download the actual spotify player because im on Chromebook so i use the web player a lot but recently whenever a start a song, it skips after 2 second, then again and for every song. It just keeps skipping after a couple seconds. 

I've went through a lot of threads but they were all from around 2014 so i created a new one, if there is a new answer.

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Doesnt work either. Just went to incog. It doesnt work on chromebook atm. Mobile works perfect, Ps4 works perfect. Chromebook, not anymore. Automatically skips 10-15 songs at a time before playing one song... for only 9 seconds. This issue only started happening yesterday for me. It's not clientside, seeing how more than just one person is having this issue. This is a problem at Spofify's end. Nothing we can do can fix this, only you guys can.

it started yesterday for me as well

It skips automatically through every song and then it gets to a specific song where it plays for 9 seconds exactly and then stops.  Private/Incognito is where i daily use to play spotify. Downloading the app isn't an option for me as it is blocked by an administrator


@Elena @Ivan help us

Quite a late reply but i tried this and it didnt work. It works on all my other devices just not on my chromebook. I cant get the spotify app either as the store doesnt work. 

Mine's the same, started yesterday too

This is happening to me too and I am also on a school chromebook.

Same here, and i've tried all the solutions people have been telling me but they just don't seem to be working.

My administrator has also blocked incognito mode as well as other things on my computer. Is there is anything we can do as another solution?

I'm having the exact some problem on my school computer. none of the suggestions helped. 

This doesn't work, please find the right solution

So, I am listening to the web player on a Chromebook, and I have been for months. Just today, it started skipping my songs every 2 seconds, until it goes to another ad. It plays through all the ads, but not my songs. I cleared cache and cookies, logged in again multiple times, and nothing worked. Incognito browser is disabled on this computer. I believe this could be a bug on certain computer Spotify players, because the Spotify app on my phone is working just fine. It looks like other people are having this same issue, and nothing is being done about it. 


To Spotify: If you could troubleshoot and fix this, that would be great! Thank you.

I also have this problem! Starting today. I have the HP Chromebook 11. downloading the app didn't help and I've tried EVERYTHING. Oddly enough it works fine on my phone but I've noticed over the years that Spotify web player is always finicky.

Yes, i had it too, i didnt really wanna switch to the apps since i cant autoplay my audio and kinda y'know pick my own songs.

it did not work for me

Same problem here. Songs skipping, only ads are playing. I am listening on my work laptop, so can only use web player in Yandex.Browser (Chromium-based). Other option on this laptop is Edge but actually not an option anymore (since it's needed to install some extensions). 

Also not working in private tab.

Android & Mac apps are working just fine on my account, so it's not an account-based problem.

Please fix this! Thank you.

I have had the same problem on my Chromebook. I have Spotify Premium. It began skipping about a week ago. I have tried all the recommended solutions and the only one that worked was getting the Android App from the Google app store. It changed the layout of my saved music but at least it works.

yes same issue

i have done all these and same my incognito tabs dont work

I just tried the incognito window and it kept skipping. I also have the google play download and it's not working there either 😞 it started yesterday 10/6/20 for me as well! Help us Spotify, you're our only hope!

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