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Songs momentarily pause playback at 9 seconds

Songs momentarily pause playback at 9 seconds







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Same as title. If I play any song via web player on my Chromebook, after 9 seconds there will be a momentary one or two second pause, then playback will resume uninterrupted until the end of the song. I've tried the usual stuff and the problem's stil there.

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Are you for real, do you even know what a CHROMEBOOK is? This issue has been a real problem for Spotify users on Chromebook app and web based for over a year now, almost two years! And your support desk has been utterly helpless, always repeating the same useless suggestions after your community members have said time and time again we've tried everything. I've even moved homes and offices in the past 18 months, don't you guys get it? Different chromebook. Different network. Different everything EXCEPT your software. This is basic troubleshooting man, wake up! Help us we are paying for this service it isn't free, you're probably losing subscribers because of this.

1. My chrome is always up to date.

2. I cleared cookies and cache (why I should do this? Your site must do this and keep all data clean automatically).

3. I have paid account.

4. I have no special network conditions and limitations.


Chrome is the most popular browser in the world, but your site simply not works.

You are unable to fix this issue for a years.


Could you tell us, what are you doing related to this issue and when it will be fixed?
Your service is unusable.

I have to admit that, since a couple of weeks, the issue has solved itself without any actions on my part: I can use spotify on my chromebook now, like on any other device. I hope the same applies to the other members of this community, but somehow I fear it doesn't, don't ask me why... Am I wrong?

Tried it again..and Im STILL pausing at 9 seconds..i still have to listen on the Android app on my chromebook...if i want able to do that id be pisssed! Spotify please do something to rectify this problem!!

Hey folks,


Thanks for the info 🙂


It sounds like you might be experiencing this issue. You can follow the steps under Status Update, add your +Vote and Subscribe to the thread so you can stay up-to-date with any relevant news about this.


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