Songs removed from playlists

Songs removed from playlists

I just noticed that all songs added to playlists between 2016-05-11 to 2017-01-01 are gone. I have no way of knowing which ones or to restore them, all songs during that time-window are simply gone from all playlists. They are still present on my android phone as I write, but gone from the PC app.


What happened?!

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Hello @b1t,


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Can you go to Preferences ( Edit -> Preferences or CTRL + P ) -> Display option and check "Show unavailable songs in playlist" and let me know if any of these songs pop-up as greyed out in your playlist? 🙂


Looking forward hearing from you!

No, some older local songs showed up (greyed out), but when I sort the list after added date there is still a void between May 2016 and now.

I tried playing the disappeared songs by choosing them from the android app (where they are still present in the playlist), and switching playback device to PC. So the PC app starts playing the song and when I press the album cover it switches to the correct playlist and focuses on the playlist where the song ought to be it seems.

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