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Songs start with a couple seconds already in and skip before the end

Songs start with a couple seconds already in and skip before the end

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When I listen to playlist made by spotify, like Hip-Hop Central and Power Gaming, the songs always start a couple seconds after the beginning. Example : when the song starts, it’s always ~15seconds in, like it already started playing. Also, it skips the song before it ends, so they never start from the beginning and I never get to listen to the end. When I skip them, it takes a long time before it actually skips, and when the other starts it’s already a couple seconds in.
I don’t have this issue with my own playlist that I made. My own playlist and Hip-Hop central are downloaded, if it can help understanding. I went in the settings to see if it was before the song was skipping too fast with the second gap in between, but it was always been 1sec and never did this before. I remember spotify used to have a setting "remember the song where you were at" which means if you hadn’t finished the song and go listen to it again, it will play again at where you were at, but it doesn’t exist anymore and I wonder if it’s because I had turned this on and when I skip songs they have time to play a bit and remember next time


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Hey @Jub999, that's correct.


Some Spotify playlists (mostly in electronic and hip-hop section) are curated in a way that the following song (tries to) beat match the previous one, like in a DJ mixed set.


To guarantee a more even transition, they don't start at 0:00, but a few seconds later.


Let me know if you have any other questions 🙂

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