Songs starting, stopping and skipping without warning

Songs starting, stopping and skipping without warning


For roughly the past four days whenever I click into songs on Spotify, the first few that play will be ok but after a while they randomly pause, skip onto the next song or fast forward skipping through the song and onto the next song (even when I try to pause them!). I have exited the app even and this will happen in the background while the app isn't even open (as in have swiped up out of the app so it's not open or playing in the background). I deleted the app and reinstalled it. I turned my phone off and back on again. I logged out of my account and back in. I even reset my phone and NOTHING has worked. I share a family account with my sister. She experienced the same problem for a couple of days but it has now righted itself for her but not me. I have an iPhone 6S 128GB if that helps. I'm not due any IOS update or Spotify update.

Is there anything to be done? If the problem persists I will have no choice but to cancel my spotify subscription because it is driving me demented!
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Hi @user-removed! 


Thanks for getting in touch with our Community. 


Do you have the same issue on a different device using your account? Also, what happens if you use your sister's account in your phone? Does you have the same issue? 


We'll see what we can suggest.

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