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Songs still on Spotify dropped from playlists (Multiple devices)

Songs still on Spotify dropped from playlists (Multiple devices)


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I've noticed a few songs that have dropped off some of my playlists.  I have read other threads here, but they don't seem to be quite the same.

These are songs that are still on Spotify - they just seem to have come off my list.  For example, I have a country playlist, and recently I noticed that Watching You by Rodney Atkins, and Female by Keith Urban were not on it anymore.  The songs are still on Spotify, so I just re-added them to the playlist.  However, although I don't remember other specific songs at the moment, I've noticed this happening from time to time.

If a song drops out of service from Spotify, then comes back, is it automatically re-added to playlists?   (If not, can you make that happen?)

If that's not what's happened, can you let me know what the issue might be? 


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Hey @BLP1975! Welcome to the Spotify Community. ^^


That does't sound cool.

The songs shouldn't get removed from your playlists. Are you sure that nobody else removed the songs out of your playlist?


The songs might got removed because of licensing changes.


Be sure to enable the setting 'Show unavailable songs' in your settings under 'Display Options'.


This will help to show all unavailable songs in your playlists, and the songs would be playable again after they get back on Spotify. 


Let me know if that helps, thanks! ^^


It would be a big surprise to me if someone else was editing my playlists!   🙂


I think I understand the issue that you're thinking of - I have had a song drop off my playlist because I had added the "radio edit" version, which subsequently became unavailable.   However, currently all songs were showing as available - which is why I could re-add them to my list.


The songs aren't unavailable, so checking the "show unavailable songs" doesn't show me unavailable versions - the songs are just missing.   I'm wondering if they became unavailable, and then available again, because of a licensing issue or something?


If that's the case, I was hoping Spotify would be able to re-add them to lists they were on automatically...

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