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Songs won't add to queue

Songs won't add to queue

No songs can be added to the queue. I've tried logging in and out, making new playlists, etc., but nothing is working. Even when I manually press something to go to the queue, it doesn't show up. It stops any music from being played at all. Please help!

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Hey @maeveconneely


Please let me know what device and platform you're having this issue on. 🙂


Also, is this happening on every Spotify client? You can try the web player too (


Keep me posted!

Hey @Sebasty


Thanks for your reply! I am using the web player on a chromebook.



Thank you 🙂


Were you able to use the queue feature on the web player, or it has never worked?


I would suggest cleaning cookies and cache and then see what happens. 🙂

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