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[Sonos]Login Data wrong - but works at mobile device

[Sonos]Login Data wrong - but works at mobile device

I have got a sonos Streaming Client. Since two days ist says/ You Login Data is wrong- unable to connect ?!?
On my iPad and iPhone not. I restarted my Router, my sonos and conected everthing new - all well done but nö spotify!


Edited Subject to show device.

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I am confused, is the login data wrong but it is still working? or is the login data not working at all? If you want to reset your password click here, after you login with the right password you can change the email if you would like. If you think someone is using your account click here. If it is working on everything but your Sonos you might want to try and double check everything is entered correctly, here is a help article on Sonos and Spotify.



Hope this helped 🙂

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Can I just ask if this is a new system which you can't get to work or if it used to work and has now stopped. Where are you seeing the error nessage and are those the exact words?


If yours is a new installation, please follow the steps on the Sonos site. If you are still having issues, the steps in this Sonos fix are worth trying.

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