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Sonos Playback

I was delighted to see I could now use the Spotify desktop app to play music through my Sonos speaker. However, I'm not sure it is ready for public release, it's terrible. I've had difficulties in the past actually selecting the Sonos device, this time however this was possible, so I proceeded to play some music. The problem was playback was slighly loud so I glanced at the volume selection slider to see it was muted. I then moved it from zero to a fraction from the left. The result was a volume so incredibly loud I fear it has damaged the inner workings of my ear and possibly damaged my Sonos speaker. Why did this happen? What can I do to prevent it happening again and do you know anywhere I can buy a new ear?

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Hi @xekuter!


That doesn't sound good. Can you let us know if this happened using the Sonos app or while using Spotify Connect? 


We'll see what we can suggest. 

Hi @sebaspantoja, it happened using Spotify. I wouldn't be so bold as to complain on your forums if it had happened using the Sonos app.

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