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Sonos Spotfy search issues plus other things

Sonos Spotfy search issues plus other things

Hi, I have had Spotify premium for a while and have been using it via squeezeboxes in the past. They have a third party app that has all the functionality of radio and a great search engine that made Spotify amazing. I never tried the official one since my squeezeboxes were not compatible. I would say that I got drop outs with it though which made it difficult to use. Drop outs and music is too disruptive. Recently I moved to Sonos as I was getting a bit frustrated with the maintenance and the need to have a pc on and was really looking forward to Spotify with no dropouts. On that front it seems to work great. Now for the but...... 1. The search is not very helpful. If I do a search on artist I need to know the exact spelling from the first letter. Try Bow to get a list of things like bow wow wow, Bowi gives no result, Bowie gets you to David Bowie. I would have though David Bowie would feature in all three of these searches. This means that I am missing out on some of the amazing catalogue Spotify has as I don't think they have it if I can't find it. 2. I can find tracks I like on the track search but then if I search the artist in question, they are not found. Try Kavinsky - Nightcall as an example. I can find nightcall by Kavinsky but not Kavinsky the artist. 3. With the squeezebox app you can do similar artist search that takes you on a voyage of descovery or a trip down memory lane. You can't do that on Sonos which is a great shame and also removes one of the party pieces when you are showing your system off to friends. Surely the best marketing possible? 4. Where are the radio stations? Spotify is a great service, Sonos is a great system. The sum of the two should be incredible but it is leaving me disappointed. I have seen a lot of posts saying it is either Sonos or Spotify responsible for innovation of this service. Someone needs to just crack on and get it done or publish a roadmap so we can see this is taken seriously at the corporate level.
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