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Sonos/Spotify Broken !

Sonos/Spotify Broken !

This evening I tried to play music from Spotify on my Sonos system. However, after a few seconds I was presented with the "Unable to browse music" message. After several attempts to restore the service, I deleted the Spotify from my Sonos system and then tried to add the service back to Sonos. However, now when I try to log-in via Sonos, I get the message "Invalid login/password", Facebook users please get a device id as blah blah blah !

Spotify works perfectly using the Spotify app on my iPad, iPhone and PC but will NOT work on my Sonos system using the same login as used with the other devices.

Spotify has worked flawlessly on my Sonos system for over a year now but suddenly it doesn't !ng.

Has something changed recently that i'm not aware of ?

Thanks in advance for any helpful advice.

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Hi. I am having exactly the same problem playing Spotify Premium on Sonos. It's not the login issue, that's because you have different login details to Spotify than Facebook. My problem started three days ago and has been intermittent, but now the same as you: Unable to browse music - there was a problem connecting to Spotify. I have no problem playing Napster or digital radio on Sonos and all my other devices with Spotify Premium are turned off, so it's not too many streams....

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