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Sonos & Spotify:Blacklisted service 2311

Sonos & Spotify:Blacklisted service 2311

I have a Spotify account for about 18 months, I always use it with Sonos. In the past few weeks I have serious connection problems with Spotify. The Windows or iPad app indicate buffering/network problems. Tracks are skipped, etc...unusuable.


I contacted Sonos, they had a look at my Diagnostics and the say: "In regards to your Spotify issue. Looks like it is any account issue. Listed below is a black listed error. Meaning the account was tried to be accessed to many times with too many failures and now has been locked out.
too many failures, blacklisted service 2311

I would recommend contacting Spotify."


Today, about two hours ago I had the same buffering problems again.


What is this? I restarted my network (turned every thing off, the modem on, router on, Sonos ZP120 on, etc... still problems..).


I (from Holland) use the Ziggo network 50/5Mbit/s

Sonos ZP, Sonos S5, Arcam A28, Monitor Audio RX6, Ziggo network, iPad, Samsung S3 mini
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Thanks for letting us know. We've had some reports of similar things happening on other devices on various ISP's (the main thread about this can be found right here). We are looking into what might be going on here, and will try and update the most appropreate threads when we have any updates. 

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