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Sonos and Spotify

Sonos and Spotify

Hi I play Spotify through my sonos system and nothing else but this week I have started getting the following Error .Playback from Spotify was stopped because playback was started from another room or device. Spotify limits the number of simultaneous audio streams you can access from its service. Has anybody got Ideas how to reslove this, Tried the ususal stuff rebooting devices deleting accounts, changing passwords etc, If i use any other music apps there is no issues

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Hey @beattima,


Does anyone else use Spotify in your household? As the error message tells, you can only connect one device to one speaker, and only one person can play music from the same account at a time, or else the music pauses. 


Does something happen with the speaker? Does it change music? 


Give us some more info about this and we'll help you further. 


Thanks! 🙂



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