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Sonos and iOS parallel streams

Sonos and iOS parallel streams

When I first got my Sonos I was able to use Spotify on it at the same time that I was using Spotify on an iOS device with different music. For example my wife could listen to music at home on the sonos while I was using my iPhone while out for a jog, listening to different songs. This does not work anymore and the latest started stream always cuts the ongoing one. Does anyone know why?
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You were probably online on one device and offline on the other device. Hopefully everything works out fine.
Daniel Camacho

So it should not be possible to run Sonos in parallel using the same premium account?

It shouldnt be possible of what im concerned of. I've always used mine offline whenever my sibling is using it online.
Daniel Camacho

But this is stupid. With Apple Music you can run both in parallel on the same account.

The guys who invented the family account should rethink the overall setup. In fact you are paying for 6 parallel streams but you're not allowed to run two the same time?

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