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Sonos competing with mobile/pc

Sonos competing with mobile/pc

I've got a Sonos system set up at home. Of course, I've entered my premium account into this. I'm also using my premium account to play music at my pc at work, or at my mobile in the subway etc.


The problem I'm facing is that when my partner comes home after work, she turns on the music at home killing my music. Of course, I then restart the music and then the music dies at home, then she restarts the music because "it might just have been a network problem" and we keep this dance up for a while until one of us gives up.


The main problem here is that this is just ridiculous. I don't want to have several spotify accounts to keep track off, I just want to be able to have my sonos work while also playing on a second device somewhere on a single account. I just don't want to keep track of more than one account.

I am willing to pay extra for such a feature. Please spotify, take my money!


3 Replies

Huge +1 on this.  Solving this issue is key to me transitioning my family from the Zune Pass service to Spotify.   We don't want two accounts, just one double-sized account that can play two streams simultaneously (also the same stream at multiple places in the house)

Still no answer... that's disappointing. I've just purchased a Premium account, with the intention of being able to use my Android phone in the car and at work... as well as being able to use it with the Sonos at home. My fiancee is at home looking after our newborn daughter and it would be nice if she could listen to music on our Sonos system without such a conflict arising. There is NO clear indication on the site/promotional material to indicate that whilst Spotify *may* play on your many devices, it will only do one device at once. Pretty big show-stopper if you ask me.  It's not as though we want to be able to use one account on all of our phones!... Spotify is grounded, and my mobile should be an added extra.

I absolutely agree with what you guys are saying. Having the option to play on multiple devices at the same time using one account seems like common sense. Actually, I implied that this would be the case when I first subscribed to premium. 


The main issue with not having this is at the core of what the Sonos system is built to do. Which is to control the music throughout your home or work (i.e multiple rooms) and play the same or different songs in either of them.


For the basic subscription that removes ads, I can see them not allowing this. But for premium subscribers who pay $10 it would be wrong not to allow this. 

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