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Sonos login is driving me crazy

Sonos login is driving me crazy

I'm getting to the end of my patience trying to log into Spotify through my Sonos system.

When I try to connect spotify, sonos tells me that my username or password is incorrect, even though I know that Spotify opens with the username and pasword that I have set up.

So I go to the Spotify help section and I am directed to a page that tells me I have to have a specific username and password to use with Sonos, great, it even tells me what my username is (in this case it's a number).

I happily follow the link to 'You can retrieve your Spotify username and create your device password here'

The next page is titled SET A PASSWORD FOR YOUR DEVICE, it tells me my device username (number) and a link to 'send e-mail to set password' hey this is easy!

An e-mail arrives with my device username (number) and a link to 'SET YOUR DEVICE PASSWORD'

The link directs me to a page where I am asked to login?? Where is set your device password?

There are two options to login 1)Login with Facebook - Nope I don't want to do that I want my Facebook seperate from my Spotify. 2) login using Spotify details - this is the one for me as I already know my Spotify login details.

I try to login and I am told that I have an INCORRECT USERNAME OR PASSWORD , how can this be when I know that I can log into Spotify?

I try to login with the username I was given (number) with my usual password and even a new password in case this is the part that is meant to be setting my device password. Nope , all options say I have an INCORRECT USERNAME AND PASSWORD.


Can somebody please take me through the stages to set this up, I'm going round in circles here.





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Is your account linked to Facebook? Your username will be a number if it is.

You will have to contact the customer services using the support form to get your device password if your having issues.

If you didn't make your account using Facebook, just use your standard username and password 🙂

Hi Glengoyne,

When you get to that page that requires you to log in (from the link we sent through), just log in with your Facebook details. Once you're logged in, you'll be able to create that device password.

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