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Sonos support in UAE

Sonos support in UAE




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Now that Spotify has been released in the UAE, when could we expect support for Sonos devices? I've been a Spotify user for several years and used Spotify on Sonos a lot when I lived in the UK, and am very excited for it to come to the UAE!

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Hey @dubai_guy, help's here.


Are you trying to use the Connect feature, or the Sonos app? If both don't work, it may be the case that the integration hasn't launched in your country yet. You may not be able to use all integrations/devices until our partners make them available in your market.

We suggest that you check a bit later to see if Spotify is available for Sonos.

Hope that helps 🙂


Thanks for your response Jemi.

I've contacted Sonos about this, and they've said that Spotify needs to
provide the integration. I've tried using both the Connect feature and the
Sonos app and neither are working.

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