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Sonos volume way too high


Sonos volume way too high






spotify on IOS and ipad pro and macbook pro -> Sonos Playbar

Operating System

spotify on IOS and ipad pro and macbook pro high sierra


My Question or Issue

When i play spotify app on any device through sonos, if set the volume 1 increment./ 'click' from muted its too soft, 2 clicks from muted its almost loud enough, 3 clicks too loud, 4 clicks ridiculous. There are what...50 clicks? Point is volume is far too high for the slider and there is no semblence of fine tuning.


I have several other devices/inputs to sonos where the volume is always fine and consistent across each other - so i cant fiddle with my sonos volume and break all those to fix spotify...spotify is the problem



Attached screenshots are IOS high sierra app - same problem on iphone X latest version as of 8/25/18


Also i had to search/read through so many posts - tried to comment on about 8 of them and theyre all 'closed' WHY ARE YOU SHOWING ME SO MANY CLOSED/UNSOLVED QUESTIONS WITH NO LINKS TO ANSWER? Your forum is absolutely awful



Accepted Solutions
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Struggled with this also. For me it worked to go into the Sonos app and do the following: 


Settings -> System -> Select your speaker/speaker set -> Scroll down to "Volume Limit" and change this to something lower (in my case 30-40%). 

This rescales the volume slider in Spotify, and still seems to work fine in other apps as well at least for me. Hope this helps some people!

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Hey @iibuc_nastyii,


Still having trouble with this? Is this happening between different tracks? There's a setting for that which let's you set all tracks at the same volume level. Go to Settings and scroll down to Playback. There, you should see an option called "Set the same volume level for all songs". Make sure it's checked. 🙂


Also, try having the Sonos speaker at different volume levels and see if it makes and difference. 


Let us know how it goes.



Yes certainly still a problem
No it’s not a problem with different songs.

There’s muted, too quiet, too loud, then about 50 more volume levels that are all also way too blaring loud

This is for every song and every device I play thru

Hey again @iibuc_nastyii,


We suggest that you lower the volume on the Sonos device itself, and see if that works out better for your or if the Volume control still skips too much. 


Let us know if that helps 🙂




Seems like you didnt read my post?

The volume on every app on the TV, and input to TV that plays thru sonos is fine.

So you want me screw up everything else on behalf of spotify's problem, and be required to go find my sonos remote every time before I press play on spotify app or it will literally break my sonos speakers and probly my eardrums, along with probly getting me kicked out of my apartment.
This defeats the purpose of the sonos/spotfiy integration in the first place
Because guys can fix your bug…?

I have same problem, and i think a problem concern every ios-sonos users and obviously is spotify app bug. Hope that Spotify fix this annoying bug soon.

Additionally, Spotify completely takes over the Sonos volume control when connected - meaning I cannot change my sonos volume in any way other than with spotify

I have the exact same problem. Very annoying.

Yeh same issue with mine, its really annoying (well more than on) as sometime I play through PC speakers - so i turn the sound up to full and then accidently play through SONOS and as you can imagine - talk about nearly having a heart attack! And as the comments have already said Spotify takes over the sonos sound so even if you use the phyical buttons or SONOS desktop app its all the same. 1 click to low, 2/3 clicks ok, 4/5 clicks+ - game over.

Been months and no fix in sight. Spotify solution is force us into these pointless forums to complain into a black hole

Ha yeh i can see mod got bored of this question after the second response 🙂

Same here with 2 Sonos Play 1's with all song's.


(And please stop with the endless reCAPTCHA's)

Have the same problem too.  Dear Spotify, most of us are paying you money.  Please fix this before we switch to Apple Music. This bug is the worst.

Still having trouble along with all these other people.

Your tracks thing did not work. this is a problem for all tracks

please fix this is ridiculous

im calling up to back out of my annual subscription for refund soon if not resolved

I have this problem too... The volume scale is far too large making any adjustment impossible... I can barely get it off the first few increments before it's too loud... wasting 95% of the rest of the scale... Really anoying..

I notice that only two people have hit the "Me Too" button... If you have the same problem and comment here it might be more noticable to press the the "Me Too" button?

Same here. Since the beginning of using Spotify with SONOS. And not only a iOS issue, also playing from OS. I like the integration a lot but the sound level is indeed way off.


Playing from my iMac to my SONOS through an AUX OUT cable directly into my SONOS:PLAY5 (and SONOS BRIDGE to connected external amplifier and speakers) for example requires setting the SONOS volume up to about 50% of the slider. Whereas playing from SPOTIFY to exactly the same speakers requires both SPOTIFY AND SONOS volumes to be set at extreme low levels.


See the screenshots of my volume settings for 'medium loud' listening.




Schermafbeelding 2019-01-08 om 08.36.35.png
Schermafbeelding 2019-01-08 om 09.03.53.png

Spotify doesn’t care we’ve been asking for a fix for many months

Strange SPOTIFY support  doesn't even seem to bother acknowledging the issue and (scheduling to) assess and if necessary fix it. We're all paying customers I presume. I'm Premium Family client for years now, the SONOS hardware isn't particularly cheap either, so is it strange to expect some kind of  response on a pretty reasonable request?

Yep if its not fixed by end of my annual subscription I’m off to Apple Music even tho I like Spotify this makes it borderline unusable

  • Spotify often does more than one update to the mac app per week and cant fix this problem for years
  • because nobody has posted in this thread for more than 30 days, spotify considers it old/archived and want users to start a new topic for the same problem
  • people pressing like on having the same problem is ignored by spotify
  • spotify just sent me 3 identical emails telling me the same user liked my post in this stupid pointless forum
  • spotify just gave me a MEDAL for getting a lot of likes on their forum
  • I'd like to give spotify a MEDAL for havin the worst forum in the world

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