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Soundtouch app not playing Spotify

Soundtouch app not playing Spotify

Spotify has suddenly stopped working on my Soundtouch app. I can play directly from Spotify to my Bose speaker by Bluetooth, but not from the soundtouch app which connects all my speakers. I did remove Spotify from the soundtouch app and reinstall but no luck. It was working beautifully a few days ago. No new soundtouch updates but a recent Spotify update. 

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We have the same problem. Our phones can turn the power on/off of SoundTouch devices but won’t play Spotify. We can play Spotify on SoundTouch via bluetooth but that’s not the way we want it.

I have the same problem!

Had a similar problem. Simply disconnected Bose speaker from the power and reconnected it. I'm sure my router is the culprit and by disconnecting the Bose and reconnecting it, it is forced to reintroduce itself into my Wifi group. 


We tried unplugging our speaker and even the router, still spotify is not working on SoundTouch. Please help

All fixed now. We uninstalled SoundTouch from all our devices and reinstalled it.

Worked! Thanks!

This doesn't work. I unplugged and did factory reset and neither worked.

I have the same problem. Did someone have any advise ?

Same here. Just suddenly started about a week ago. I've tried everything I can think of but still can't get Spotify to play on the Soundwave via the Soundtouch app or straight from Spotify via Spotify Connect. Has anyone identified the cause and come up with a solution?

I have the same problem with the SoundTouch-app and Bose SoundTouch 300 using my IPad. I can play  Spotify from my IPad directing to the SoundTouch 300 using the Spotify-app. I deinstalled/installed the ST-app. Still same problem.

I also installed ST-app on a very new IPad. Problem with Spotify within ST-app remains.

Using ST-app on 2 different Samsung smartphones gives good results playing Spotify.

How is it possible that almost 3 years the problem still exists. Is it a Spotify issue for ST-app on IPad or is it a SoundTouch/Bose issue on IPad? It looks like stoneage.

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