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Spam Artist Ruining My Spotify Experience

Spam Artist Ruining My Spotify Experience

I'm into my hip hop. One artist (Jersey Demic) has continually been posting misleading track titles for years now. Every time a song is about to come out he will upload a 90 second "freestyle" which consists of him saying a few words over  something he's recorded in his bedroom, and then i cant find the original song.

This has been happning for years now. Look at his track listings. These are a few of hundreds.


"Rain drops drop top"

Milf money


Cant stop the feeling

When i was 7 years old

Drake Flows


He also claims to have an album out with Amy Winehouse. This is listed as himself featuring Amy Winehouse. Surely that isnt true?


Can you please do somethiing about this Spotify? Artists like him ruin your platform and make money at the expense of other artists.

Here is his spotify link



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