Special Characters in URIs

Special Characters in URIs





Operating System

Windows 10


My Question or Issue

Spotify-HTTP urls have problems with the #-character in usernames. My username ends in multiple #-characters and when I try to share playlists using the http-link and open the link in the browser it redirects me to the profile of the user that has the same name as me but without the #-characters.


Steps To Reproduce

Let's suppose my name is x##.

  1. go to a playlist and copy its link (you'll get an url like https: //
  2. open a browser and paste the url into the address bar
  3. you'll be redirected to a location like https: // (the #-characters are literal #-characters)
  4. instead of the playlist you'll see the profile of x (not your own profile)


Quick Fix

  1. follow the steps above
  2. take the https: ​​// url and replace each #-character in your username with %23 (the url escape sequence)
  3. share that instead, it should now point to the playlist
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Hey there @Luca-,


Thanks for reaching out to us about this in the Community 🙂


Would you mind sending me a or one of the other Moderators a PM in the Community with your username so that we can test it on our end? Make sure to link to the relevant thread in the Community in your PM so that we know what you're referring to exactly.


Thanks! We'll be looking out for your message 🙂

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