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Specific podcast episodes not playing + none at all on webplayer

Specific podcast episodes not playing + none at all on webplayer


Premium Duo






Moto g60 (issue recurring on other phones) & HP Pavillion


Operating System

Android 11 & Web player on Chrome - Windows 10


My Question or Issue

Hi, for the past couple of weeks I've been having the same issue - only specific podcast episodes are not playing for me on my mobile. On web player no podcasts are playing at all.


1. On the android issue - I've tried from the same account on other devices, as well as asked folks to play the below episodes from different accounts. No luck.

These are the episodes I'm having trouble with. The latest eps, posted after 29 June '22 have this issue. 


When I click play on just these 2 episodes, the scrubber stays as is the timestamp doesn't change. No audio plays, even though the play button has changed into the pause button.


Have tried a clean reinstall, logging in logging out, and on other devices. Same issue. Attached videos of the bug on android.


2. As for the webplayer, NONE of the podcasts are playing. Unable to screen record and upload, but basically the play button simply does not respond when you click on any podcast. No such problems on the Windows 11 desktop player app.


Also why is posting on here way harder than it needs to be? You don't mention what 

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Hey @shruthi_nathan,


Thanks a lot for taking the time to report this. We were able to reproduce this on our test devices and have relayed your findings to the relevant team for further investigation. We can't tell you an exact timeframe of a fix though.


On another note, some podcasts on the web player are know to sometimes not bein playable, as the web player is different than the desktop and mobile apps. If you can't play other podcasts on the web player, give the desktop app a go.


Stay awesome,



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