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Specific songs stopped working on ps4

Specific songs stopped working on ps4

Hello! I made a playlist of a discography from a band called Dope. It has been one of my top listened to playlist while i am gaming on my ps4.
My list contains the six albums that are on spotify. until recently, all six albums had been working just fine with no issues.

Recently, 2 of the albums entirely disappeared off my ps4 connect and 2/3 of another album is gone as well. Those 3 albums work flawlessly on my computer but if i switch my connect from desktop to ps4, they entirely stop playing and move on to the next album.

what is the reasoning for this?
i will provide which albums they are in case its a technical issue: Group Therapy, Life, and Felons and Revolutionaries

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Hey @Skarz1989! Welcome to the Spotify Community. ^^


Are you still not able to play these specific songs on your Playstation?

If yes, could you check if there is an update available that might fix this issue?


Songs shouldn't have an diferent availabiity on different devices. 


Let me know how it goes! ^^



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