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Spinnin records ad (don diablo)

Spinnin records ad (don diablo)

Spotify stops working each time the Spinnin' Records ad is played.

The ad doesn't actually play.. it simply doesn't work.


Same thing happened about a month ago with the same ad.

Work around back then was to just click the ad, play 10 seconds of a song on Spotify and than change playlist.

Now, when clicking the ad, it directs me to itunes store, which is kinda useless with a windows phone...


Hope someone has a solution (apart from switching to Premium...).




4 Replies

logout and login again and the adv is gone for a while

Same here. @spotify please fix or remove add from windows Phone costumers.

Seems that Spotify ads crash the app on Windows Phone, I have a problem like this since the March update (update of Spotify app for Windows 10 Mobile).


Good luck with your suggestion, not sure that Spotify will do that for non-Premium accounts...and not sure also that Spotify will fix that issue (they just don't care about their Windows Phone customers, it's just sad because Spotify is probably the best music streaming service now).

Dear spotify, can you fix this bug problem? This advert comes up way too often and i don't like it to either log out or start up my windows phone everytime. JoAnn Kerperien

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