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Spoitify Discord Activity No Longer Shows

Spoitify Discord Activity No Longer Shows








2020 M1 Macbook Air

Operating System

macOS Monterey


Hey everyone. my issue is that my Discord Spotify activity on my laptop isn't showing up anymore, but has been showing up on my phone mostly just fine [now it's not showing up]. I'm not sure what the issue is because none of the articles I've checked out have helped my particular issue [reconnecting Spotify to discord, etc].  I've even closed the apps several times to try and fix it [even on mobile] and I cannot seem to figure out the issue.


Help is appreciated!


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I started having this problem today, but it seems to only happen when I'm listening to a big public playlist? If I put some of the same songs in my own playlist and listen to them in there Discord has no problem showing them.

Hey there Elena,

I seem to have the same issue that @Likeok4 is having. Spotify does not appear on Discord's activity status, only on the Web Player. I have however re-installed both Discord and Spotify and still the issue persists.

The Spotify Version is:, running on Windows 11 Pro.

I can recall that this issue has appeared after Spotify has updated their UI. By this I mean adding the loading animation for playlists, music mixes, and liked songs.

I have skimmed through the information given here, but all this has lead to dead ends.

I'm having this issue, and I tried what you just said and It didn't change anything. Please help its really irritating. Thanks for your time

Try connecting it on your phone instead, it wouldn't work on my desktop version so I disconnected it on there and tried reconnecting on my phone and it finally worked again. Hope this helps.






Operating System

Windows 11 

I have tried using the solutions that others use and it still hasn't fixed my activity on PC but phone it works.

Same is also happening to me. My browser and phone can connect to each other and to discord, but the pc application does not connect sessions. I can even listen to two different songs by browser and pc app as if they were different accounts. Reinstalled Spotify thrice, removed access for discord, etc., but nothing worked. 

It stopped working for me again actually, the main problem is that it will show the status if you are playing the song on your phone but won't for desktop. When I try to connect my phone to my desktop in the Spotify app it won't even show up as a recognizable device, so I think the main problem is something to do with bluetooth. It's not that my phone won't connect to my actual pc though as I see it in the devices in my settings, so it's the just that bluetooth isn't working for Spotify.

So.... after almost a month of having this issue, neither Spotify nor Discord did anything about this? Can someone please help us with this issue because it's getting a bit annoying.

Just started having the issue, too. Discord will show what I am listening to on my phone and from a web page. but not the actual computer app. I have tried all the solutions given in this thread multiple times and nothing works. 

This issue most likely has to do with Spotify. Neither of my 2 Discord clients (on my phone and desktop) updated in these past weeks. Spotify however was the only client updating and adding the new animations, and that's where the issue originated from. I have tried (re)installing both Discord and Spotify, and made sure that all folders having anything to do with these two got deleted before installing both of them again, but still nothing.

Uninstall spotify, and google old version ( I downloaded and installed it) and it fixed it on discord and its displaying my listening status like normal.

Update to my last post:

You have to stop spotify from auto updating, ( closing and re-opening spotify auto updates)

There's a post already that solved it for me:

Hopefully this is fixed soon so we can use the latest version eventually

Having this issue - works on phone but not desktop app.

Hey there,


Thanks for the replies.


There is a different issue right now that prevents desktop app users from seeing their Discord activity. Could you check if you experience the one described in this thread? If so, subscribe to the linked thread, so you can get the latest updates on the resolution development.


Hope this clears things a bit,



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When you ad spotify as a game it only shows "playing spotify" That does not solve the actual issue... 
it doesnt show it like the normal connection between discord and spotify as shown in the 2nd picture, 2nd picture is taken when playing spotify  through browser or phone, Spotify desktop app it doesnt work, desktop app doesnt show the pc as the other device when playing on browser or phone






Same problem 😞


I've been trying to fix this one my own for 24 hours and idk what to do soooo

Started having the same issue a couple of days ago, my Spotify would only show if I’m playing it through my phone and not from my PC. Another thing is that my Spotify app in phone used to automatically connect to my Spotify in PC but now it no longer does. I can’t connect either devices together at all even though I’m using the same WiFi. 

I started having this problem. My spotify songs not showing as status on discord anymore. I did some research and found it was a long standing issuie. Its annoying i couldnt fix no matter what i do. I dont understand how spotify and discord devs still havent been able to fix this issue.

Hello! I started having the same issue as of recent;


My Discord status will not display that I am listening to music through the Spotify app, however, the browser will display as my status just fine. I've linked my Discord and Spotify multiple times, reinstalled them both, and the same problems seems to be showing up purely for the app. 


I'm not sure what could have caused this, it's been weird having to use the browser instead of the app if I want to Listen Together with others. Hopefully a solution can be found soon for this!

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