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Spotify Android app disconnects from Google Home

Spotify Android app disconnects from Google Home






Google Pixel 3 Xl, Google Home

Operating System

Android (build PQ3A.190605.004.A1) 

Spotify app version

My Question or Issue

When I cast from my phone to my Google Home, the 'connection' drops out within seconds of minimising the app (ie changing to a different app) and I'm no longer able to control Spotify (eg skip, play, etc). 


However the music continues to play on my Google Home. And I'm able to control the music if I use the Google Home app on my phone. Just can't control it using the app. 


It's frustrating particularly when I want to skip songs or move to another play list. In order to do this I need to go back to the app, go to 'connect to a device', have the music stop on the GH as I'm 'streaming from another device', reconnect and go back to find where I was up to. 


I've only noticed this issue recently. 


Any help would be great. 

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Plan Premium Country Australia Device Samsung S10, Google Home Operating System Android 9 Spotify app version Google Home app version My Question or Issue I'm having the EXACT same issue. It doesn't happen in other apps either. After casting to my Home device or group, I'd I switch apps I am no longer able to control the music from the Spotify app when I switch back. If I skip to the next track on the app, or pause the music, etc, it shows the action has occurred in the Spotify app, but nothing changes to the actual music playing through my Home devices. And the casting icon in Spotify still displays that Spotify is casting.

I had to throw my Google home in the bin, this issue drove me insane, now using a normal Bluetooth speaker

I have the same issue. I tell the Google Home to play music on Spotify, and it does. The problem occurs with the Android app not syncing to the music on the Google Home.


Another issue happens with casting the Spotify app to the Google Home. I can get it to connect and play music, but when I switch to another app on my phone, the Spotify app doesn't stay connected to the Google Home, but music continues to play on that device.

Still suffering the same issue too. Thought maybe some updates to Spotify and/or Google Home would fix it but it's still  disconnecting within a few mins of connecting. Really frustrating!! 

I had been having this same issue. If you go to the system settings->apps->spotify->battery optimization and turn that off, I believe that should resolve the issue. I had the same issue and it appears to have resolved things for me.

It could be a problem with battery saving in android. It's possible to exclude Spotify from battery saving measurement. I have posted more details in this thread:

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