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Spotify App Not Working on Windows Phone 10

Spotify App Not Working on Windows Phone 10

I'm using a Microsoft Lumia 640 LTE with Windows Phone 10.
The app doesn't work. Whenever I try to play a playlist or whatever, it either plays like one second of the song and then goes silent, or it doesn't do anything at all.
Also, navigating the menus is a constant stream of "resuming" prompts, it struggles loading playlists (it says it's impossible to load the playlist and to check my connection - the connection is fine), it crashes. It's just a general mess. 
The app is updated. I reinstalled it a billion times.  I wiped the phone and did a clean reinstall of WP10. Nope.
I'm on OS version 10.0.15025.1001 and Spotify App version is

Oh and just to make it clear, this is not a case of "it worked just fine until it didn't", it never worked.

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I have exactly the same problems here on my Lumia 930. It was fine about a week ago.

I'm having the exact same thing. I think is has something to do with Spotify Connect being active on my Heos speakers. The app itself doesn't support Connect.

Did a soft reset, Spotify is working again

This worked for me too, Hold down power button and Volume down button untill phone turns off and microsoft comes on the screen is the soft reset

Have the same problem. It just doesn't work. Tried everything but I still don't get a single tone out of my phone. Considering that Microsoft sends its Groove customers to Spotify I would have expected it at least to work, even though it is clear that W10M will not get much love at this point. The desktop client is already mediocre at best, but at least it works. A descent Universal App would be nice. Until then, I have no choice but to switch to the competition.

Spotify v., WP v.10.0.14393.1770, Lumia 735.

Spotify can only work when it is offline, then you can play only previously downloaded music. Absurdity. 

 Today I wanted to hear music, so I started the app and started a song and by god it played it. I tried another, it played that one two.

I'm having the same problem with my Nokia phone. Groove worked just fine.  

Same here. On my lumia 950 XL.

My experience with spotify the past weeks:

1) Open spotify

2) loading.. screen (5seconds)

3) Select "Your Songs"

4) Select "Songs", "Playlist", "Album" or "Artist"

5) loading... screen (5secons)

6) Select and Start playing music

7) music plays for 5/10secons

😎 song stops playing

9) Loading... screen (5seconds)

9) closes spotify

10) heads to MyTube! and everything works just fine.

**bleep** can we do about this?

Its not a myth that windows nokia phones are **bleep** .

spotify has never ever worked on my nokia lumia phone,for one and a half year now. I'm out of options. Why is it not fixed??!!

on a side note: I have purchased the 3months premium for .99€ and on ofline mode music plays just fine. The moment i turn the wifi/data on or turn off offline mode it starts the "loading..." fest


I have the HP Elite X3 and it is a powerhouse of a Windows Phone and plays everything perfectly EXCEPT the steaming pile of garbage that is the Spotify WP10 app. Same problem with me, constantly loading/refreshing. Most of the time the app won't even start. The other amount of time it will act like its going to play something but will not. This is the service that Microsoft sent us to?  I have been an avid user of Windows phones since Windows phone 7 and I have had enough of them abusing their customers. My relationship with Microsoft is over.

Well done.
My nokia is off and i got a samsung as a gift and now i can play spotify with no problem at all. I'm never ever going to buy a microsoft device again. I'd rather drive my pc with a linux,then put a money into corporate windows **bleep**.


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