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Spotify App crashing on Fire Tablet 8 (7th generation) - naughty Amazon ?

Spotify App crashing on Fire Tablet 8 (7th generation) - naughty Amazon ?

Fire Tablet running Spotify app is being targeted by Amazon on purpose.  Causes the app to crash intermittently, causes a song to just stop, the spotify app still active, goes blank... and even ending and starting it up again, it does the same.  A full restart of the Fire Tablet is needed.


I work in IT and I looked into the matter further and it seems that the crash is being caused on purpose by Amazon.  A packet of code is purposesly crashing the Spotify app on my Fire Tablet (7th Generation).


Spotify, I think you may need to look into this, its an Antitrust law issue FOR SURE!

Amazon obviously want their tablet users to use Amazon Music and not Spotify... but sending a packet of code to purposely crash a competitors music streaming app is EXTREMELY annoying and um very illegal.


NOTE:  see image below, this community forum would not even allow me to post the word 'amazon pri..' ...hmm seems there is some really unhealthy competition going on here.






 Edinburgh, UK


Fire Tablet 8 (7th generation)

Operating System


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Spotify app will play a song or two then all of a sudden stop, app crashes and the app screen (still active and open) just goes black.  I close the app, start up again and play a song, one minute in and it does the same thing.


This happens regularly.


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I completely agree. I have multiple phones and tablets and the Fire OS will randomly shut down and then switch the storage settings if you have downloaded multiple playlists. I bought a Fire 8 and use it only for Spotify and it is super buggy but not in a normal bug type of way. It's like Amazon is making Spotify work like **bleep** on purpose.


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