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Spotify App on LG WebOS TV

Spotify App on LG WebOS TV

Spotify app is now unavailable on LG WebOS TVs. Are there any plans for it to make a comeback updated or should I find a new way to listen to Spotify on my TV?
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Same question from me. I was using Spotify app on my LG webOS TV until recently I've received an info that this application will soon became unavailable, and the day after, I was not able to start Spotify app any longer and it was removed from "premium" apps in LG store. It means that I've lost possibility to listen Spotify on my home theater system. It's really frustrating. Why have you made such a decision to remove apps from the devices already supporting Spotify?


Alternative options, are very limited and all of them are far less convenient - instead of having just one device (TV) running in my living room, I will have to have another device with me- mobile / tablet / laptop etc. Mobile itself would not be that bad, but you can't make / receive a phone call AND listen to Spotify at the same time(!). In addition, most of the alternative options require additional investment (e.g. Chromecast). Was that your point Spotify?

I have the same problem.

Same problem.

Communication with Spotify says they don't know when we'll be able to listen through the tv again.

Same problem

Super, super, super customer-UNfriendly, Spotify. Why would you discontinue an app BEFORE releasing its replacement? So incredibly stupid. FIX THIS.

Same here, whenever I try to find other options it suggests to "add another compatible device", can Spotify be so blind to its customers and not fix this? Dont think is so hard to fix for such big company, or is it? Pandora just released a good option, I am seriously considering other streaming options that do the same without asking you to buy another device

If Spotify continue not to announce an date for when it again is possible to use spotify on my TV, I seriosly consider to walk away from Spotify. I was very happy with the simple solution we had, and it was a main point for me to select Spotify. Now Im looking at it's competitors.
Shame on you Spotify!

Spotify is cheating company. I was complaining on very bad, not working properly, application, a year ago. Spotify promised to fix the problem so I've stayed a premium user. But now I can say:

Give me my money back.

I agree.  Why would Spotify remove an app from a device that already has it.  Doesn't make any sense and only frustates their customers.

Canceled my Spotify Premium Membership because of this.


Good bye Spotifye! 🙂

Small update to my previous post: While using Chromecast and your smart phone, you can use your mobile normally. Any calls or other apps will not interrupt music. Smart phone is used only as a remote pretty much and Chromecast is streaming audio it seems. Still, decision to remove Spotify App from LG TVs was a an mistake in my opinion and will turn a lot of users away from Spotify. I'm in a process of checking what competition has to offer. 

 Hi All,


I have the same issue as described. A while ago I got a warning saying that the Spotify app would soon be discontinued in my LG Smart TV.

Looking for alternatives to use Spotify in the LG TV, I arrived in the following page:


This page has 2 informations that do not solve this issue:



On top of this, Spotify will also be removed from LG TV systems on July 3rd 2017 as we work on improvements. We hope to have a better version of Spotify on these in future. Watch this space!


Trade your TV remote for your phone and control the music on the big screen from the mobile app. Check out Spotify Connect.


Now, neither has there been any update regarding a new Spotify app for LG TVs or even an estimated release date for one nor does Spotify Connect work for my smart TV!


As a Premium user, I am very unhappy with the support and information provided by Spotify and expect this issue to be solved soon.




Hi, also requesting a solution for Spotify on LG webOS. I'm a long time Spotify subscriber and LG owner. Though the old app wasn't perfect, it was a big plus to have Spotify integrated via LG TV without the need for another device and remote.


Is there an update on the status and what the long term plans are? Can Spotify confirm active development of a replacement?

I can't believe there aren't thousands, of people on here complaining!

Taking the app off the LG Smart TV before having an upgrade is so 20th century! If I hadn't spent the last 3 yrs putting together some sweet playlists, I would totally give them the flick. So now I'm paying Spotify $12 a month to save my playlists. It's a scandal! We are all being robbed! HURRY UP AND REPLACE THE APP SPOTIFY! 

Is there a way to cast Spotify on the LG TV without having to purchase a Chromecast?


Second question, is it really so hard for Spotify PR to at least give us customers some idea of timescales of when we can start using our product again?  Doesn't matter if its months away, communication is always appreciated!


Want to listen to some music this morning and found out the app no longer working, with no alternation...

So brilliant way to listen music burn now it’s over. Alternative solutions are always out there. 

I am going to cancel my premium becuase of this

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